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How does our Affiliate program work?

Joining our Affiliate program is simple:

  • Advertise XTB on your website or platform with marketing tools we provide
  • Your visitors are redirected to XTB through a unique link
  • Earn money every month (up to $600 per trader) on a monthly basis for successful referrals

Why partner with XTB?

  • A world leader in FX & CFD trading

    With more than 14 years’ experience, we have offices in over 11 countries including the UK, Poland, Germany and France.
  • Cutting-edge technology

    Offer your clients an award-winning platform with superior execution speeds - xStation 5. Our powerful platform includes free market commentary, an advanced trading calculator, performance statistics and much more.
  • Comprehensive education

    From our Trading Academy to our Knowledge Base and Beginner’s Course, we place a heavy emphasis on the role of education for our clients. This personal approach ensures that each trader feels like a valued client, and helps them to trade more successfully long-term.
  • The only true trading community

    Our open-door policy and weekly Trading Club offers our clients a community of like-minded traders to discuss strategies, successes, risk management methods and ways to improve.

Tap into the potential of our platform with the XTB Affiliate program

Our comprehensive Affiliate program is designed to maximise your revenues and turn your traffic into high-quality, active traders that build your business through one of the most lucrative Affiliate rebate packages around. Join our program, and XTB provides you with:

  • A customised CPA model

    Earn up to $600 per client with our bespoke affiliate model
  • Transparent management

    Track the efficiency of your campaigns with detailed reports and monitor your earnings with our dedicated Affiliate client office
  • Powerful tools to increase conversion

    Using our wide range of advanced marketing tools, boost your traffic with our customised widgets, tracking links, banners, live charts, and sentiment indicators and more
  • Dedicated Affiliate support

    We’re driven to help you succeed. That’s why we’ll assign you a personal affiliate manager whose role is to help optimise your campaigns and conversion rates in order to help maximise your revenues

Marketing Materials

  • Banners

    You can choose from our rich banner repository to fit any position on your website. Our professional graphic design team will ensure that banners are promoting a wide variety of our products and have engaging call to action to attract your audience. Materials are always available for both desktop and mobile in many language versions.
  • Emails

    We frequently create new email templates and communications to keep your subscribers engaged and well-informed of any market moves, free analysis, or educational events.
  • Reports

    Our analysts create dedicated reports to make sure clients never miss a trading opportunity. You can use them to encourage and trigger your customer’s trading activity.

Contact us

We’re here to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us anytime at We will assign you to an affiliate manager in your language if possible.

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Payment plans

CPL*   CPA**  
Commission Min net depo Min no of trades
Pay for Qualified leads Customers USD or equivalent in different currency  
Group 1 30USD Tier 1: 600USD
Tier 2: 400USD
Tier 3: 50USD
400 USD 1
Group 2 20USD Tier 1: 300USD
Tier 2: 200USD
Tier 3: 30USD
400 USD 1
Group 3 10USD Tier 1: 200USD
Tier 2: 130USD
Tier 3: 20USD
400 USD 1

*CPL model assumes payment for validated Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) only.This should be a person that filled the registration form properly, was reached by our sales team and expressed an interest in our offer.

**CPA Plan assumes payment for each active Customer meaning: real account was opened, required minimum deposit (see table above) was made and at least one transaction (charged with commission or spread) on any instrument was performed. Value of commission depends on the country group and instruments class on which Customer trades. Instrument classes are assigned to three levels named Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 (see point 3 below). Tier 1 represents the highest possible value of commission, while Tier 3 represents the lowest possible value of commission. The value of commission is recognized after making a first transaction on the instrument belonging to the given Tier.

** 500 EUR for customers from Spain

Tier Levels:
Tier 1 - Forex CFD, Commodities CFD, Indices CFD, Binary Options CFD; Tier 2 - Cryptocurrencies CFD; Tier 3 - Equities CFD, Cash Equities, ETFs CFD, Cash ETFs, Syntetic Stocks;

Country Groups
Group 1 UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Switzerland, Oman
Group 2 Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Denmark, Greece, Norway, Latin America, Slovakia, Poland, South Africa, New Zealand, Ukraine, Russia, Hong Kong, China, Belgium, Netherlands
Group 3 Other countries not included on black list
Prohibited countries USA (& US dependants i.e. US Virgin Island/Minor outlying Islands), Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Mauritius, Israel, India, Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Uganda, Cuba, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Laos, North Korea, Guyana, Vanuatu, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Macao, Kenya

If you have any questions concerning the payment plans please contact us at Payments will be made once a month. You will be able to track your current sales results after signing up to our program.

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